Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after procures in cosmetic dentistry and basically done to improve your general beauty and the appearance of teeth. The procedure aims to whiten teeth without any implications or health hazards experienced by the patient. Some people may support the procedure while some do not agree with the treatment at all. There are many different teeth whitening methods that can be used, but generally, the following pros and cons can apply to all of them. Read on and determine if the procedure is a perfect option for you or not.


Everyone likes to have bright, white teeth and whitening is a great way to achieve a beautiful smile. Here are the pros of this treatment.

1. Improved Appearance

Having your teeth whitened will give you a whiter smile quickly. This procedure is very useful in improving the overall appearance of the patient. White teeth are usually associated with a healthy lifestyle and beauty. With maintaining white teeth, you get to improve your appearance and beauty and even attract a lot of people by smiling broadly.

2. Achieve a Younger look

Many people believe that white teeth minimize the look of wrinkles on the face. As a result, having white teeth can make you look younger than your actual age. Consider this treatment from enhance dental care if you want to attain a younger, looking face. This technique is also good in creating an energetic appearance on your face.

3. Quick and Easy way to whiten teeth

This technique provides a quick and easy way to make your teeth white. There are other methods that can help in whitening but these techniques are difficult to implement. Some need a longer period of time to get the best results.


Even though the procedure has some great benefits, some people may experience side effects and do not agree with it. Here are some side effects one may suffer from should they have their teeth whitened.

1. Discomfort feeling

The discomforting feelings normally occur immediately after completion of the procedure but may go away after a few hours. It is however recommended that you visit your dentist should the discomfort persist.

2. Side effects

The most prominent side effects are that the teeth become sensitive to temperatures. This can be felt when having cold or warm drinks or foods. Sometimes, whitening becomes ununiformed. This can occur naturally because the effect of the bleach is not uniform for every tooth. Patches may even occur as a result on your teeth. Irregular whitening may look as if one has undergone a failed procedure.

Frequent use of chemicals and bleach may result in erosion of teeth too. The enamel helps in the prevention of decay, but as it gets eroded, there are increased chances of tooth decay. One may also suffer from sore gums after the procedure is completed. Irritation of the gums may also be felt. This is usually as a result of the chemical substances contained in the whitening products. Besides the irritation, chemicals may cause allergic reactions and swallowing of these substances mistakenly, may lead to discomforting and even vomiting.


Everyone wants a beautiful white smile. Not everyone however is naturally blessed with white teeth and as people undergo whitening treatments, they quickly begin to see the great benefits. There are several methods that one can choose from to whiten their teeth but it is imperative to know that there are side effects associated with the procedure.