Fitness is a Herculean task! Thanks to pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, we have almost everything we need to brutally murder our fitness goals. But, if this homicide is bothering you, it is time you take things seriously. No one likes that extra inch of tummy fat and we are sure, you don’t like it either! There is absolutely no silver bullet out there that can kill the demon that alters your waistline or makes your tummy bulge out like a balloon.

There are three things you need to combat the evil – (a) controlled diet , (b) regular exercise and (c) firm commitment. That last thing out there is the real trouble.

Assuming that you are 100% committed, here are a few 24 hour fitness tips that will help you achieve your goal one step at a time.

1. Eat smart, not less: Cutting down your daily ration is not going to help. Pick up the ‘ eat smart ’ way and not the ‘eat less’ way! Talk to a dietitian and know your body. Your body is unique and so are its nutritional requirements. Plan your diets and clock them. This is the very basic rule of every fitness program in this world. Right kind of food consumed at right intervals maximizes body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently.

2. Some cardio workouts help: Okay, this fitness tip definitely comes under some heat. But, you need to understand one thing. You don’t really need to spend hours in an aerobics class for cardio and neither do you have to eat up half the hourglass for this. 10 minutes of cardio exercises every day can boost body’s ability to burn calories, improve heart health and strengthen the immune system. But this needs to be done the right way. Get hold of some fitness training video lessons and follow the instructions. It is not really rocket science.

3. Seek help from vitamins and nutrient supplements: There is nothing to shy away from these. Often our work and social life rob our bodies of the vital vitamins and nutrients. Body needs to have everything in balance and that include vitamins and nutrients. Consider talking to your physician and fitness trainer (if you have one) and pop in a supplement or two. We are not talking of men’s fitness or women’s fitness differently. Just like the previous two tips, this is one of those 24 hour fitness tips that work for men and women alike!

4. Resistance exercises: Face it! Gyms can be expensive both in terms of money and time. Why waste so much when you can carry a simple resistance band everywhere you go? Use it at office or at home, use it in your bathroom or use it in a park. 5 to 10 minutes are always available! Bench press, leg press, front squat, leg extension, bent over, push-up…there is a whole array of exercises that you can do using a resistance band and boost up your metabolism. Simple, inexpensive, quick and ‘anytime-anywhere’ solution, don’t take resistance bands off of your fitness program. One of the best brands you can trust is Black Mountain Products. Resistance bands from this manufacturer are not only durable but are also designed for both beginners and experienced people.

5. Drop everything and walk: Just walk! Walk a meter, walk a mile! It helps. Walking helps to burn calories! Walk daily. Walking in the morning, walk during your office lunch break, walk in the evening, or go for a night walk! Talk of 24 hours fitness tips and walking remains undefeated.

Diet or weight loss, fitness exercises for men or fitness exercises for women – whatever you are looking for, these 24 hour fitness tips are universal. All you need is a proper education. There is absolutely no shortcut available. First learn and then act smart.