Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an increasingly common phenomenon these days and is caused by a number of factors with smoking being one of them. Issues like aging, health conditions, and side effects of certain medications are known to be some of the causes of ED. However, even younger men are experiencing this problem, which may be more to do with an excessive lifestyle of smoking and drinking. Both smoking and alcoholism are strong reasons for a person to develop ED.

Smoking related impotency can be resolved by undertaking simple measures like quitting the habit and also taking appropriate ED medication . Sexual health can definitely be improved and ED from this cause is not likely to last too long. Of course, the smoking habit should have been completely kicked for there to be any progress with the ED problem. Smokers should first understand how much the habit can affect sexual health.

How does smoking cause ED?

Smoking is harmful to health in many ways and ED is one such side effect of this habit. The reason why smoking is bad for health is that the tobacco damages the lining of blood vessels in almost every part of the body. With regard to ED, the chemicals in the cigarette specially affect the blood vessels in the penis. An erection occurs when the person is sexually stimulated and there is a rush of blood to the penile area as a sign of arousal. This process becomes damaged when the blood vessels along the penis are subject to the effect of excessive smoking.

According to one research, it was found that ED was more likely to be found in those who smoked than in non-smokers. Younger men who smoke are more likely to be diagnosed with ED. The chances of developing this problem are higher in those who are heavy smokers. In men with smoking related issues, it is important to note that any other health problems can affect how effectively they can overcome the ED problem.

How to overcome ED from smoking?

One of the advantages available to men with ED today is that there are more options available and also many have the courage to discuss the problem with the healthcare provider. In order to get better you have to first accept the problem and actively seek help. Quitting smoking is the first step to overcoming the ED problem. Those who are unable to quit smoking by going cold turkey can try to reduce the number of cigarettes used in a day. There are also a number of other medical and non-medical treatment techniques for kicking the habit of smoking.

Medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra can help to resolve ED issue while you are recovering from the problem and taking steps to quit smoking. Be sure to ask the doctor for the ED medication that would suit you best and also the right dosage. Remember that you do not have to undergo the process of quitting the habit of smoking just by yourself as friends and family can be a major support. They can provide you an environment where you can bring the habit under control. Get help for both the ED issue and the smoking habit, the road to recovery is smoother that way.